The Most Epic Tech Fail of the 2000s

During the turn of the century, people were all buzzing about the technological innovation coming in the 2000s. I was like many others hoping and wishing personal hover boards would actually come to fruition. Boy, were we completely wrong. Enter the fantastic, game changing Segway… Said no one ever. We shot for the moon, but didn’t make it off the ground.

The Segway was marketed as the “Future” of transportation. It was suppose to be comparable to the invention of the computer. Now in 2018, we can look back and understand how utterly idiotic those statements were. I am always game for a dumb idea, I have them all the time! However, don’t piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining. Watch this clip you will understand


v=_4e8iAofnrw. There are hundreds of reasons why the Segway ended up being an utter bust. But for the sanity of you and me, lets just stick to the most important ones.

First and foremost, the Segway did not connect with any demographic, along with being a regulation nightmare. It was not allowed on the sidewalks and was never advertised where to ride them, park them, charge them, and truly experience them. This is because the Segway was an invention and not an innovation. The team of inventors working on the Segway project didn’t takein consideration a crucial business rule. Always research the market and get consumer feed back. Neither of these steps were taken. This is the major reason many people thought the design was for a dorky mall cop… Enter Paul Blart Mall Cop. This effectively sealed the deal for Segway’s. The movie was not half bad, but it highlight Segway’s similarity to a glorified scooter. The only difference is you could buy fifty scooters for one Segway. For the price of Segway’s their competition beat them out. That competitor was walking. 2018 will just continue to walk away from the Segway’s.


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