CES 2018 The Future of Innovation

The 2018 CES has now drawn to a close. This year was no disappointment to the people who attended the Las Vegas trade show. The trade show featured multiple guest speakers and displayed new and innovative tech. Companies of all different sizes flock to the trade show to promote their up coming electronics. 2018 could be an interesting year with a new wave of technology taking over the market.

More Than Just Fast

Those who think 5g will just be a faster 4g are dead wrong. 5g stole the show in Vegas with crowds swarming around their exhibits. 5g will have the capacity to handle connectivity, without getting clogged with data. The new network has low latency, meaning computations can be made instantaneously with the aid of cloud running services. This will result in a trickle down effect for the rest of the industry.

The new network will transcend artificial intelligence programs and all relative technologies. That includes advancements in car automation, voice activated softwares like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Finally but certainly not least, the 5g network will bring robotics to unattainable heights with 4g. To put in perspective how fast 5g is, the 5g network will be measured in gigabits instead of megabits. This is because 5g is about 100 times faster than todays 4g. The CES displayed the beginning of 5g. We have just begun to scratch the surface of what 5g is capable of. The consumer network is needs much work before is available for consumer use. We are looking at 2020 for when 5g is full ready for global use.

The Car of The Future

Cars have been getting smarter and smarter but in 2018, perhaps they will become fully autonomous. Toyota announced its concept of a new on-demand fully autonomous vehicle at the CES. The e-Palette is said to be the future of more than just transportation. Toyota insists the e-Palette can betoyota-epalette-concept-01497 used in many alternative uses. Toyota is planning for the future where no-one owns a car and they are all fully autonomous.

The e-Palette will be feature in mass transit, business transportation, and traveling stores. Essentially the e-Palette is an empty box with eight wheels. They will develop three difference sizes, large, medium, and small. The e-Palette is technically a mobile service platform. It’s a software that Toyota is developing for the inevitable future. The top tech companies in the world are coming together to pool their resources to achieve a fully autonomous electric car. Corporations such as Uber and Amazon are working together, although they are competitors. There are many struggles ahead of both technological innovations. However, if it was easy everyone would do it.


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