!!No More Need For A Drivers License!!

At the time, getting my driver’s license was one of the best days of my life. I had a rush of freedom. I suddenly could drive to every and anywhere I wanted. Most sixteen year olds experience the same exact emotions when they receive their driver’s license as well. However, this could all change and become a distant memory by the end of 2018!


The tremendously gifted mind of Elon Musk, has promised fully autonomous cars by the end of 2018. This would eliminate the need for a driver’s license. New laws and regulations will need to be enacted. The world as it sits, is not prepared for fully autonomous cars. New laws and regulations will have to be enacted to properly categorize a new brand of transportation. Cars would essentially become mobile software machines. Mechanics will no longer be needed. Instead of bringing your car to auto mechanics, you will have to bring it to an IT store! Cars will become computers, full of batteries and wiring. Autonomous cars have been racking up millions of miles for over the past five years. Finally towards the end of 2018, Tesla will look to reveal its first consumer based autonomous car.

The level four Tesla will be revolutionary to the consumer car market. I say level four because there is five different levels of autonomous driving. Each level includes its description of hands off, feet off, eyes off, or brains off. Level five equals a fully driverless vehicle. Levels one and two require cooperation with the driver. However, this is simply asking for trouble. It’s proven that humans cannot only half-pay attention. Imagine sitting in your car watching films on your phone. Are you really going to be cognitive enough to distinguish if you are safe or dead? For this reason, Tesla is jumping straight to level four. This will allow the machine to have full control.

The Future

Fully autonomous cars will change the world. This will be one of the greatest inventions to ever hit the consumer marketplace. People spend years of their life stuck in their car… Imagine instead of traveling in a car, you traveled in your living room. This is the future the that Tesla is trying to build. Traveling will never be the same. Once the success of fully autonomous cars is achieved, the sky is the limit. The world of transportation will evolve. Software powered machines will control the way humans travel the world. No one knows for certain what the impact of autonomous vehicles will be but, we do know it will be huge!   


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