Could Artificial Intelligence Turn Out Like The Terminator??

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence has been a widely debated topic among tech gurus. Specifically, tech geniuses Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have known stances on the subject. The two are on opposites of the spectrum when debating AI dangers. Elon Musk in-fact said, “ Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of artificial intelligence is limited.” The statement sent a chain reaction throughout the twittersphere!

Musk’s tweet was in a direct response to Zuckerberg saying, “Telling people AI is dangerous is irresponsible”. Who is right? To answer that, we need to dive deeper into what exactly artificial intelligence is! AI is the development of software machines allowing for cognitive recognition to enhance its ability to perform human activities. Basically, every expert that works in the AI field is worried about our future. The only difference in everyone’s point of view is based on the time table of when real artificial intelligence will be created. True artificial super intelligence is decades, possibly centuries away from reality. We will not see any I-robots walking around anytime soon! This is because our technology is simply not there yet. To recreated the human brain function is nearly impossible. But, our brain is a machine that was constructed by biology. Eventually, we will be able to break the code and figure out the our future. The invention of super artificial intelligence will be one of the greatest inventions in human history. There will be tremendous good and bad that can come from artificial super intelligence. 

Expectation Vs Reality 

Today, AI can be programed to beat the most talented humans at a singular event or task. Anything outside of that one programmed task will befuddle the AI. No matter how simple the task may seem to humans, the machine will not be able to complete. AI today has help society with projects such as, self-driving cars, voice associated devices, and face recognition just to name a few! Lets look at Google’s AlphaGo AI, which has beaten the worlds greatest human Go player two out of three times. This AI is better than any human alive at a particular game. However, if you asked the algorithm to perform literally any other human task it will not understand. Essentially, this means artificial super intelligence does not exist yet. Weather it takes centuries or decades, AI will be our replacement. This brings us to why Elon Musk believes there needs to be polices and regulations put in place before it’s to late. Artificial super intelligence will be smarter than humans in every way.

Artificial Super Intelligence

So, how can we possibly control something that is so much superior to us? This question does not have a simple answer. Frankly, there is no way to know for certain how to control super AI when it has yet to be achieved. There are many theories being discuss on how to ensure our safety, when this technology is actualized. The only thing that can be agreed upon is, that adding human characteristic to algorithms will not be as simple as coding in, “have regard for human life.”

When the technology is brought into reality, it will change everything. The sky’s the limits for Artificial intelligence; AI will solve all human problems. Such as climate change, space travel, diseases, and disparity of wealth. As said before, super AI will bring amazing change. But everything comes back to the cohabitation of humans and artificial intelligence. There are hypothesis that we will all become cyborgs. Instead of complete separation, some believe humans and AI will actually integrate. Creating a world of cyborgs, but only for those who can afford it? This could start a whole new problem! People like Thomas Dietterich argues that AI will make us super humans. Taking our human ability to the next level in every way. Physically and mentally we would be able to complete opportunities that were previously incomprehensible!

Let me paint a picture for you. Top artificial engineers and scientists create the perfect climate change combatant. The artificial intelligence software machine would be the perfect environmentalist. Protecting the earth at any means necessary. Right now, cars are one of the earths greatest pollutants. The AI could target cars as a means to an end to protect the earth. Resulting in, the AI destroying every gas powered vehicle it believes harms the earth in anyway. And to go a step further, we need to look at ourselves. Humans are the most destructive mammals to ever have the pleasure of walking this planet. If the AI wants to truly protect the planet, then it would turn its sights on us! The software would calculate the date that the planet will be safer after the extinction of the human race. There is a 99.999999% chance that everything that lives will eventually go extinct. Could artificial intelligence be the reason the human race goes extinct?


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