Is Privacy Gone Forever?

The Golden Age of Technology

Privacy has always been a top priority for the majority of the population. No one fancies the idea of having someone or something constantly stocking their every move. However, we are living in the golden age of technology. And living through that has its advantages and disadvantages like anything else. The word privacy use to actually hold merit in society. It meant that has human beings have a right to keep certain things out of the eye of the public. People would only see what you wanted to shared with others. This may not be the case anymore.

Governmental Interference

We all remember the famous Snowden case. For those who cannot recall, it was when

Edward Snowden outed the NSA for spying on millions of phone calls back in 2013. He went on to explain that the NSA activity keeps a log of almost every single phone call you make. The NSA insists that it’s a means of safety. If you truly believe your government is 100% forth-telling, then you need to take a step back and observe the world around you. This is just an excuse to continue to lie and manipulate their public perception. Government agencies are not abiding by the law and doing as they please. Statistically, they would actually stop more terrorist attacks by focusing their efforts.

When you watch everyone, you see nothing. How on earth does any government agency believe they have the capacity to sift through everyone’s data. This takes time and resources away from tracking and spying on actual criminal activity. 99% of the individuals that governments illegally watch are perfect citizens by criminal standards. Could governmental spying just be the tip of the iceberg regarding to privacy issues?

The world is forecasted to have 2.5 billion smart phone users by the end of year 2019. Extrapolating these numbers out equals 35.7% of the world using a smart device. Every smartphone or device has a built-in GPS. Have you ever downloaded an app and have them ask for your location? Sadly to say but, even when you rather not disclose your location it does not matter. The device alone with the app will know your geographical location with or without your permission. So to recap, we are being listened to, we are being tracked but, are we being watched? 

Are We Being Watched?

In a simple answer, yes we are being watched. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram have facial recognition software. Your facial features are then profiled, logged, and sent to a data base. Almost all laptops come with built-in cameras and microphones that are constantly active. Now, even TV’s come equipped with microphones and cameras. And Yes, every one of those devices are watching and listening to you. Being incognito in any society today seems to be an impossible achievement. Do you think the age of privacy is behind us, or do you have hope that the future will bring us peace of mind?


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